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The Lastest Grammar Lessons and Tips!

Grammar Check Software: TheBusiness Writer´s Best Friend

16 Dec 09
Why should anyone bother to spend any money learning English or time learning how to use English software? Because English is the de facto language of the Internet and the international language of business it is one of the most important languages in the world. It is understood globally, allowing you to communicate with practically the whole world and opening up many new opportunities.

Writing a Tender

03 Dec 09
Tenders are often difficult to write. A good tender specification document will outline all the information that you need to supply. It is usually best to stick to the order in which the clients have requested the information.

How to Correspond Positively with Clients

26 Nov 09
Dealing with clients is not always easy. Sometimes difficulties arise, misunderstandings occur, and communication between suppliers or providers of services and goods and their clients, may hit a roadblock. Understanding the basics of how to correspond positively with clients may help to ensure smooth business production and relationships in times of unease and trouble.

Writing a Business Proposal

07 Dec 08
A business proposal needs to be persuasive, accurate, and factual but should also have an edge to it, that will make it stand out from all the other business proposals which your reader may have to go through.

Writing a Reference Letter

01 Dec 08
Reference letters are considered to be an important element of the job recruitment process and university admissions process.

How to Write a Business Letter

26 Nov 08
You can follow these easy-to-remember steps in order to write an excellent business letter.
Write the letter in block style and do not use indents.
Run a spell check and use the grammar checker on your final letter because even one spelling mistake can tarnish the brand image of the company.

Writing a Business Contract

20 Nov 08
A contract is a legally binding document that acts as a way of specifying an expectation and agreement between two different parties. It needs to be well written in a formal style, since it will act as a measurement to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the agreement.

Make the Right Impression With Your Business Presentation

15 Nov 08
Conjuring the newest technique on PowerPoint does not ensure a good presentation. Instead, give your listeners the unexpected and dig out facts that are not available in your regular search engines. You can get actual quotes from people in the industry or even take references from the latest business book.

Marketing Materials - Do’s and Don’ts

08 Nov 08
Whilst it is very desirable to employ a marketing agency or a marketing consultant, for many smaller businesses this is a luxury that they simply cannot afford.

Writing Legal Documents

02 Nov 08
Legal documents should ideally be drawn up by a lawyer. However, there may be occasions where you find that you need to write a document that will actually be legally binding. This could be when you are establishing some kind of contract, whether in employment, when leasing a vehicle, arranging accommodation or sorting out a construction project, etc.

Composing a Memorandum

27 Oct 08
Memorandums or memos are an effective way to communicate within an organization and should be used as an opportunity to improve your business writing.

Writing Newsletters

20 Oct 08
A newsletter is actually a great way to ensure that you communicate with your clients or customers, that you keep them up to date with the latest advances and issues which affect or may affect their businesses. It helps establish you as a company that can be trusted and you also begin to establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Writing Sales Literature

14 Aug 08
Do not be egoistic: Most companies use sales literature as an opportunity to boast about their company; this may be a reason why a lot of sales copy fails. The key is to think from the reader’s perspective and tell them what is important and relevant to them. You have to act like you are the customer and start with writing why you would use or buy the product you are selling.

Writing to Improve Your Business

06 Oct 08
Attracting new customers and retaining existing customers, as well as making sure that your business is a success, is a tough job and one that can seem like a real challenge.

Writing an Acceptance of Resignation Letter

01 Oct 08
Stay positive - When your employee gives you his or her resignation letter it certainly does not call for celebration, but it is important that you write an acceptance letter that is optimistic and not condescending. This is a formal letter and only business English is acceptable.

Writing Advertising Leaflets

26 Sep 08
Advertising leaflets cannot always be drawn up or created by professionals, due to constraints of money, particularly in small businesses, in which resources may be very tight. Small businesses may be caught in the cycle of needing more business to generate more money, but may also be unable to afford to pay for a professional designer to create advertising leaflets to generate the new business.

Rules for Business English - Letters

20 Sep 08
In business letters it is usual to place your name and address and that of the business that you are writing to at the top of the page. Usually the letter would start off “Dear Sir/Madam” or “Dear Mr/Ms” etc. As a rule, if you write “Dear Sir”, then the letter should be signed off “Yours Faithfully.” If you write, “Dear Mr/Mrs….” Then the letter should end, “Yours Sincerely.”

Taking the Minutes of a Meeting

14 Sep 08

The minutes of a meeting are taken by the secretary in a conventional set-up. However, anybody in the team could be asked to do the job and should be equipped with the knowledge of how to do it.

Taking written notes is the most commonly used method of taking minutes.

Writing Business Emails

07 Sep 08
Emails seem very easy, you simply open up the computer, write a few lines, press a button and Hey Presto, within a second or so it has landed into the computer of the person you sent it to. What could be easier?

How to Write a Tender Document

01 Sep 08
Tender documents are serious business and need a lot of expertise; you cannot get away with approximations. All tenders have entry norms, so make sure the tender fits the standard so that you are not rejected for not following the expected format.